Should you want to migrate your Notes/Domino data we would recommend LDC Via. Your data gets painlessly exported to a modern noSQL database and is suddenly available via REST API.


panagenda Marvel Client

We are business partners with panagenda, who deliver the best solution for notes client management and deployment, in the form of Marvel Client.

We are certified marvel client consultants. Please ask us to come by and show you how we can remove the pain from Notes client management, and, almost as a side-effect, reduce the number of calls and troubleshooting from your support desk.


panagenda iDNA

iDNA is a clever appliance that does background data mining of your Domino infrastructure. This enables you to make data-based decisions for you Domino infrastructure. We're finding it essential for server consolidation scenarios.


IBM Notes Tools with Ytria

Ytria develops a suite of excellent tools for IBM Notes Developers and Admins, and we are great fans.

We are business partners with Ytria. Please ask us to come by and showcase you the products. Since we are also experts (we use them everyday, especially ScanEZ) we can come and train your staff to use the tools to their full potential.

NRPC Parser Icon

Free Tool: Notes RPC Parser

The Notes RPC Parser is a free, open-source tool which enables you to analyse why a particular Notes Client application is slow. Using IBM's 'Debug Mode' creates detailed but almost unreadable logs exactly showing the communication between your Notes Client and the Domino server. This parser translates that log file into a Notes view, filled with Notes Documents.

You then can see why your application needs too much time to load. And then correct it.